Who are the top performers of Semi-finals round 1?

The first round of the semi-finals is behind us and let's take a look at which players marked the opening games of the 2016/17 season Playoffs.

Ognjen Kuzmic (Photo: Crvena zvezda mts)


There were two top performers of the semi-finals round 1 as far as valuation is concerned and both of them come from the same team. Ognjen Kuzmić and Marko Simonović of Crvena zvezda mts have both gathered a valuation of 21 index points in the game against Budućnost VOLI at home in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, Belgrade. The difference between the two is that Kuzmić needed 18 minutes for his achievement, while Simonović needed 24.


We also have two top scorers of the first round of the semi-finals and both again come from the ranks of Crvena zvezda mts. Marko Gudurić and Marko Simonović both had 18 points. Marko Gudurić collected them in 22 minutes on court, while Simonović needed 24.


Mirza Begić of Cedevita did not find himself atop of the statistical categories many times this season but he did it in the opening game of the semi-finals as he was the only player that had a double-digit number of rebounds this time around. He had 10 in the home game against Partizan NIS.


Nemanja Gordić of Budućnost VOLI and William Hatcher of Partizan NIS are the top passers of the first round. Both of them finished the games against Crvena zvezda mts and Cedevita, respectively, with 7 minutes. While Gordić 21 minutes on court, Hatcher spent 31.


Charles Jenkins of Crvena zvezda mts is the top ball thief o the first round of semi-finals. He collected 3 of them in the game against Budućnost VOLI in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, Belgrade.