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19.07.2019 16:09

INTERVIEW: Vuk Radivojević – “ABA League is getting stronger year by year”

Vuk Radivojević is one of the players, that have devoted their careers to the ABA League and that’s why his opinion matters a lot when you are talking about regional basketball. After he finished his career, he became Sports Director at Igokea.
02.07.2019 16:06

INTERVIEW: Jure Balažić – “ABA League is the best in Europe for young players”

Krka player Jure Balažić is the oldest player of the ABA League, the top-level regional club competition. In the conversation for the ABA League website, he stressed that his age still doesn’t represent a problem for him, that youngsters respect him and he also admitted that some jokes are made on his “veteran status”.
24.06.2019 14:36

INTERVIEW: Marko Jagodić Kuridža – "ABA League is getting better and better every year"

Sixt Primorska power forward Marko Jagodić Kuridža stated that everyone in Koper is looking forward to the club's first ever ABA 1 journey. 
29.03.2019 11:59

INTERVIEW: Goga Bitadze - “Glad that my effort has been recognized”

Youngster Goga Bitadze has stunned the basketball part of the region by winning the awards of the Regular Season MVP, Top Prospect and a spot in the Ideal Starting Five. He has summed his impressions in the interview for the official ABA League website.
15.03.2018 14:00

INTERVIEW: Nemanja Gordić – “It’s time to finally reach the Finals”

For the 6th time in the previous 15 years Budućnost VOLI have advanced to the final stage of the regional championship. Also, this will be the 4th time in a row that the squad from Podgorica will play in the Playoffs. However, they have never reached the Finals so far. 
15.03.2018 12:59

Džanan Musa: “We have enough quality to go all the way”

Before the beginning of the ABA League Playoffs, Cedevita’s young gun Džanan Musa spoke of his expectations. He believes that his team have a chance to make this season a historical one – and win the ABA League trophy.
14.03.2018 15:02

INTERVIEW: Nemanja Vranješ – “We’ll try to upset Crvena zvezda”

Mornar shooting guard Nemanja Vranješ and his teammates are in front of the biggest challenge of their careers – They are about to face the reigning ABA League champions Crvena zvezda mts in the best of 3 semi-final series. 
14.03.2018 13:42

INTERVIEW: Branko Lazić – “Our goal is clear – We want to win the league!”

Branko Lazić, the captain of Crvena zvezda mts and the man who won all 3 regional championships with the red & whites in the past 3 years, stated in the interview for ABA League website that his team will try its best to win the trophy once again.
20.12.2017 12:20

FAN MAIL: Nikola Ivanović – “I want to achieve something big in my city”

Budućnost VOLI point guard Nikola Ivanović has answered on your questions! Who is the toughest player he has ever played against in ABA League? Why he has returned to Podgorica? In which club he would love to play? Find out the answers in the following article.
14.04.2017 17:34

Jenkins - "That trust coach Radonjić has in me... Man, you just do not get that everywhere"

The MVP of the 2016/17 ABA League Playoffs Charles Jenkins of Crvena zvezda mts had a lot of compliments for team head coach Dejan Radonjić. 
08.04.2017 13:54

INTERVIEW: Dangubić - "To defend home court"

Crvena zvezda mts player Nemanja Dangubić stated for the ABA League website that it is very important for his team to win the opening two games of the clash against Cedevita.
07.04.2017 10:00

INTERVIEW: Begić: “We haven’t revealed everything in our games against Zvezda yet!”

Mirza Begić is one of the players at Cedevita’s side that keep playing better and better as the season’s end is approaching. We have spoken with the big man ahead of the Finals and he sounds optimistic at the moment. He promises even more from Cedevita than we have seen so far.