Category : Exciting

21.01.2021 09:00

Play of the day: Stunning pass by Jošilo, Carmichael dunks

Marko Jošilo has come up with a stunning pass for the dunk by his teammate Jachie Carmichael on fast break in the game of their Igokea at home in Laktaši against Krka.
18.01.2021 09:00

Play of the day: Monster block by Justin Carter!

Justin Carter of Zadar came up with this chasedown block in the game of his team at home in Zadar against Mega Soccerbet. Check it out!
17.01.2021 09:00

Play of the day: Mosley elevates for alley-oop dunk

Uroš Trifunović makes a lob pass to William Mosley who finishes this play with a powerful two-handed alley-oop dunk.
15.01.2021 23:42

Stefan Lazarević seals the win for FMP with amazing AND-1 dunk

STEFAN LAZAREVIĆ! What a way to seal the win for your team!
11.01.2021 09:00

Play of the day: Blažič with the steal, Carter with the block

What a way to bounce back! Jaka Blažič with the steal, but Justin Carter came up with a MONSTER BLOCK!
10.01.2021 09:00

Play of the day: Sani Čampara for the win!

The last and decisive offensive possession did not really go according to the plan for Split, but... then Sani Čampara received the ball. Check out this SPECTACULAR shot and the moments of joy in Split afterwards!
03.01.2021 21:47

Play of the day: Jacob Pullen with the off-the-backboard alley-oop pass to Kenneth Gabriel

SHOWTIME IN BAR! Jacob Pullen made an off-the-backboard alley-oop pass to Kenneth Gabriel who finished this stunning play with a powerful dunk.
03.01.2021 13:00

Play of the day: Showtime by Cedevita Olimpija

Check out this sequence by Cedevita Olimpija. A denial by Mikael Hopkins, wonderful assist by Jaka Blažič and a dunk for the finish by Jarrod Jones!
31.12.2020 09:00

Play of the day: What a dunk by Taylor Smith!

Just check out this poster dunk by Taylor Smith of Mornar. For sure one of the best this season in the ABA League! Just WOW!
28.12.2020 13:17

Play of the day: Alley-oop by Perry & Brown

Kendrick Perry and Rion Brown of Cedevita Olimpija came up with this alley-oop in the game against Mornar of Bar at home in Stožice Arena, Ljubljana.
25.12.2020 23:59

Play of the day: Rod Camphor says NO WAY to Luka Mitrović

You don't see a guard block a center like that every day! Rod Camphor says NO!
21.12.2020 12:36

Play of the day: Filip Petrušev can't be stopped

While leading his team toward a huge win over Budućnost VOLI, Mega Soccerbet's 20-year-old wonderkid Filip Petrušev recorded his 4th double-double (23 pts, 13 rebs) of the season and tied his 2nd best index rating score (36) of the season. And he made this powerful two-handed dunk.