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14.09.2022 22:34

EuroBasket 2022: End of the tournament for Slovenia

Slovenia have suffered a defeat in the Quarter-finals of the EuroBasket 2022, as they have been defeated by Poland and ended their journey at the tournament.
11.09.2022 20:43

EuroBasket 2022: Croatia and Serbia failed to reach the quarter-finals

Croatia and Serbia suffered early elimination in the knockout stage of the 2022 FIBA EuroBasket as they both lost their Round of 16 games.
10.09.2022 21:00

EuroBasket 2022: Slovenia advance to the quarter-finals

Luka Dončić put up another sensational performance to lead Slovenia to the next round.
08.09.2022 22:50

EuroBasket 2022: Croatia and Serbia victorious

In their Thursday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, both Croatia and Serbia have grabbed new triumphs, against Ukraine and Poland, respectively.
07.09.2022 23:28

EuroBasket 2022: Victories for Montenegro and Slovenia

In their Wednesday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, Montenegro and Slovenia have written down new victories, by prevailing over Georgia and France, respectively. On the other side, Bosnia and Herzegovina have been defeated by Lithuania.
06.09.2022 20:38

EuroBasket 2022: Slovenia the first to beat Germany, Serbia beat Israel

In Tuesday’s games at EuroBasket 2022, Slovenia have prevailed over Germany, becoming the first to beat the tournament hosts and Serbia stay undefeated by beating Israel. On the other side, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered defeats against Spain, Italy and France, respectively.
05.09.2022 21:47

EuroBasket 2022: New victories for Croatia and Serbia

On Monday, both Croatia and Serbia achieved new triumphs in their EuroBasket 2022 games, by beating Estonia and Finland, respectively.
04.09.2022 19:53

EuroBasket 2022: Wins for BiH and Montenegro

In Sunday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro achieved new victories, by beating Slovenia and Bulgaria, respectively.
03.09.2022 22:20

EuroBasket 2022: Victories for Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia

In their Saturday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia have been victorious by beating Great Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic and Hungary, respectively. On the other side, Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a defeat by Germany.
02.09.2022 22:47

EuroBasket 2022: Serbia victorious

In Friday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, Serbia have prevailed over the Netherlands, while Croatia suffered a defeat by Greece.
01.09.2022 19:28

EuroBasket 2022: Victories for BiH and Slovenia

On the opening day of the EuroBasket 2022 tournament, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia have grabbed their first triumphs, by prevailing over Hungary and Lithuania, respectively. Montenegro suffered a defeat against Turkey.
01.09.2022 12:30

More than 60 current and former AdmiralBet ABA League players to participate at 2022 FIBA EuroBasket

The 2022 FIBA EuroBasket officially begins this Thursday with 5 national teams from our region trying to reach the European glory.