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27.02.2023 21:49

WC Qualifiers: Serbia qualified for the FIBA World Cup

In their Monday’s FIBA World Cup Qualifier games, Serbia prevailed over Great Britain in Belgrade and qualified for the FIBA World Cup, while Slovenia, which has already qualified earlier, has suffered a defeat by Israel in Koper.
26.02.2023 21:12

WC Qualifiers: Montenegro beat Czech Republic to clinch their spot at the 2023 World Cup

Montenegro will play at the 2023 FIBA World Cup as they seized the 3rd place in Group K!
26.02.2023 20:18

EuroBasket Pre-Qualifiers: North Macedonia advance to the next stage

North Macedonia defeated Norway on the road in the final match of the Second Round of the 2025 FIBA EuroBasket Pre-Qualifiers and therefore sealed their place in the Qualifiers phase. Meanwhile, Croatia will have to play in the Third Round of the Pre-Qualifiers.
24.02.2023 14:24

WC Qualifiers: Defeats for Serbia and Slovenia

In Friday’s games of the AdmiralBet ABA League countries in the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, both Serbia and Slovenia have suffered defeats, by Greece and Estonia, respectively.
23.02.2023 22:10

WC Qualifiers: Bosnia and Herzegovina prevail over Montenegro to stay in the race for the precious World Cup spots

Bosnia and Herzegovina have defeated Montenegro at home to keep their chances of making it to the 2023 FIBA World Cup – 74:66.
14.11.2022 23:35

WC Qualifiers: Slovenia qualified for World Cup, Serbia scored huge win

Slovenia has qualified for the 2023 FIBA World Cup after defeating Germany at home court. Serbia is just a step away to do the same as they scored a huge win against Turkey this Monday evening.
13.11.2022 10:16

EuroBasket Pre-Qualifiers: North Macedonia seize a big win over Denmark

North Macedonia defeated Denmark in overtime thriller to keep the perfect score in 2025 FIBA EuroBasket Pre-Qualifiers. At the same time, Croatia suffered a painful home defeat against Poland. 
11.11.2022 16:07

WC Qualifiers: Four games, just as many victories

In Friday’s FIBA World Cup Qualifiers games, all four of the AdmiralBet ABA League countries - BiH, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia – were victorious.
14.09.2022 22:34

EuroBasket 2022: End of the tournament for Slovenia

Slovenia have suffered a defeat in the Quarter-finals of the EuroBasket 2022, as they have been defeated by Poland and ended their journey at the tournament.
11.09.2022 20:43

EuroBasket 2022: Croatia and Serbia failed to reach the quarter-finals

Croatia and Serbia suffered early elimination in the knockout stage of the 2022 FIBA EuroBasket as they both lost their Round of 16 games.
10.09.2022 21:00

EuroBasket 2022: Slovenia advance to the quarter-finals

Luka Dončić put up another sensational performance to lead Slovenia to the next round.
08.09.2022 22:50

EuroBasket 2022: Croatia and Serbia victorious

In their Thursday’s EuroBasket 2022 games, both Croatia and Serbia have grabbed new triumphs, against Ukraine and Poland, respectively.