ABA TV: Lazić demonstrates how to fight for your team's colors

Branko Lazić has once again proven his brave heart in the game against Budućnost VOLI in the first round of the ABA League semi-finals and thrilled everyone both on the court and in the stands.

Branko Lazic (Photo: Crvena zvezda mts)

In the end he left the court after this incident with a cut on his hand, but his goal was accomplished – he motivated his teammates even more and Crvena zvezda mts took a 1:0 lead in the semi-final series.

One of the most experienced players in the red and white squad Marko Simonović explained how much Branko Lazić's relentlessness means for his team: "Branko always gives us special energy. This is a guy that fights so much and has such a great heart that I can't find the words to describe it. I would be ashamed to come to the game and not give everything I have on court. He makes everyone to play at their best possible level and that's why he's the leader of this team."

Watch how it happened:

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