MVP of February: Stefan Birčević (Partizan NIS)

The fifth month of the 2016/17 season is behind us and we have the fifth monthly MVP this season. It is Partizan NIS' power forward Stefan Birčević, who has also earned himself the MVP of the 23rd round award previously.

Stefan Bircevic (Photo: Mega Leks/Ivica Veselinov)

Stefan Birčević has proven, throughout the month of February, his dominance at the ABA League courts wherever he has appeared and although he did not finish the month as the statistically the most efficient player, he deserved himself the award with his contribution to the team's success – Partizan NIS have won three out of their four games this month and remain serious contenders fort he second place after the regular season.

Serbia national team member averaged 20 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.25 assists, 1 steal, just as many blocks and a valuation of 23 during the games Crvena zvezda mts, Cedevita, Zadar and Mega Leks, which puts him on the third place in the rankings in valuation for February, behind Josh Scott of MZT Skopje Aerodrom and Dragan Labović of Karpoš Sokoli. However, Partizan NIS had the most successful month of those two teams, winning three games with Birčević aboard, which turned out to be decisive in the end.

Take a look at some of the best plays of Stefan Birčević in the ABA League courts during the month of February: