Cedevita win the 1st ever ABA Super Cup!

Cedevita have defeated Budućnost VOLI in the 2017 ABA Super Cup Final! 

Cedevita team (Photo: Mornar/Media Pro)

ABA Supercup Finals, Saturday, 23.9.2017:

CEDEVITA - Budućnost VOLI 78:69 (21:2, 13:33, 22:16, 22:18)




Game recap: They have done it! Cedevita have won the 2017 ABA Super Cup by beating Budućnost VOLI in the final. This is the first ever ABA trophy for the Orange crew and they certainly believe that they can add another one in this season. 

The 2017 ABA Super Cup Final was very intense. Cedevita won the first quarter by 21:2 (!!!), but check this out - Budućnost VOLI had the lead at the halftime - 35:34!!!

Still, Cedevita used the big break to fully recover and to get back in front... And they have stayed in front until the end.

Key moments: On 7 and a half minutes before the end Cedevita were up by 1 points - 59:58. Three minutes later the score was 68:58. What happened in the meantime? Andrija Stipanović made two shots worth 4 points, Demetris Nichols scored 2 free-throws, while Džanan Musa made such an important three-pointer. With that 9:0 run, Cedevita have gained the crucial lead in this tough battle for the ABA Super Cup trophy.

Man of the match: There is no doubt here. Andrija Stipanović had 20 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. His overall index rating was 27. And he was named the MVP of the 2017 ABA Super Cup. 

Can't trick the stats: Defensive rebounds made difference here! Cedevita have been protecting their basket in the best possible way and they had 31 defensive rebounds at the end of the game.