Cedevita down Budućnost and advance to 2017/18 ABA League Playoffs

The battle for the top has just become even more exciting!

Ivan Ramljak (Photo: Cedevita/Marin Susic)

ABA League Round 19, Saturday, 3.2.2018:

CEDEVITA - Budućnost VOLI 76:71 (22:17, 18:16, 16:24, 20:14)




Game recap: What a match in Zagreb. Cedevita defeated Budućnost VOLI and therefore officially booked a ticket for the 2017/18 ABA League Playoffs! However, Cedevita failed to beat Budućnost VOLI by more than 6 points, which means that the team from Podgorica have a better head to head score. And that can be very important at the end of the regular season.

Key moments: After Kyle Gibson made a 3-pointer on 4 minutes before the end, Budućnost VOLI were up by 69:64… However, Cedevita answered back with a 12:0 run, which was finished with the crucial 3+1 play completed by Filip Krušlin – 76:69! On the other side, Sead Šehović scored 2 free-throws and made the final score – 76:71.

Cedevita had a chance to get the 6+ win, but they failed to score in their final ball-possession.

Man of the match: Filip Krušlin was the key man for the home team. He scored 19 points, including that crucial 3-pointer in the last minute.

Can’t trick the stats: The two sides have almost the same numbers in the stats, but you can notice that Cedevita had 8 offensive rebounds this evening. And that was very important…