National Championships: Zvezda step away from trophy

Serbian National Championship is slowly but surely approaching its end of the season, as Crvena zvezda mts have taken a 2:0 lead in the Finals against FMP.

James Feldeine (Photo: Crvena zvezda mts)

The red and white of Belgrade now need only one more triumph in order to celebrate the new trophy and they will try to do so on Monday, when they will be hosting FMP in Game 3 at home court of Aleksandar Nikolić Arena.

The win was not as easy for Zvezda as someone would expect from the score in the series. FMP even took a 10-point lead after the first period, but Zvezda turned things around in the second quarter and then did not let go of their lead until the end of the game.

In the end the score was 68:62 in favour of Zvezda. For the winning side James Feldeine led the way in scoring with 24 points, while Dragan Apić had 14 for FMP.

Serbian National Championship, Round 2, Saturday, 9.6.2018:

FMP – CRVENA ZVEZDA MTS 62:68 (20:10, 14:29, 16:18, 12:10) / * 0:2 in victories
Apić 14, Nenadić 12 | Feldeine 24, Omić 15.