FMP score 106 points and beat Mega Bemax at home court

The Panthers have just joined the race for the 2019 ABA League Playoffs!

Alexander Darrell Washington Marzette (Photo: FMP)

ABA League Round 13, Friday, 28.12.2018:

FMP - Mega Bemax 106:89 (31:22, 30:32, 13:21, 32:14)




Game recap: This evening, one more team has joined the race for the 2019 ABA League Playoffs! It’s FMP who defeated 4th placed Mega Bemax at home court in their last game in this year. The Panthers were simply brilliant offensively, as they scored 106 points in this match, while they made 30+ points in 3 out of the 4 quarters!

Key moments: The game was pretty close all the way until the middle of the 4th quarter when FMP were up by just 3 points – 89:86. But, in the final 5 minutes of this match, the home team completely outplayed their rivals by making the crucial 17:3 run, on which the visitors were simply unable to respond.

Man of the match: Dragan Apić is obviously just too good for most of the centers in this league. FMP’s big guy has put on another stunning performance, as he finished the match with 27 points, 5 rebounds and with the overall index rating of 42.

Can’t trick the stats: Mega Bemax scored just 6 three-pointers, while on top of that they made 15 turnovers. And, obviously, their defense simply did not work this evening.

Match: KK FMP : Mega Bemax