Partizan NIS bounced back and tied the Semi-finals to 1:1

In front of their own fans, Partizan NIS have bounced back after the defeat in the opening game of the Semi-final series, beaten Crvena zvezda mts and tied the series to 1:1.

Novica Velickovic (Photo: Partizan NIS)

ABA League Semi-finals, Game 2, Saturday, 30.3.2019:

PARTIZAN NIS - Crvena zvezda mts 70:67 (13:9, 21:18, 14:22, 22:18)




Game recap: It is the celebration night for the black and white part of Belgrade! After Crvena zvezda mts have celebrated in front of their fans in the Game 1 of the 2019 ABA League Semi-finals, Partizan NIS have bounced back in Game 2 and tied the score of the series to 1:1. In excellent atmosphere in packed Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, the black and white have made a comeback in the last quarter of the game and have in the end got away with a victory.

Key moments: It has really been anybody’s game all until 1:17 remaining on the game clock, when Marcus Paige stepped up for Partizan NIS to take his team up 68:64. In the remaining minute, Crvena zvezda mts did not manage to delete this black and white lead and the series are tied to 1:1!

Man of the match: Vanja Marinković was the key figure in Partizan NIS’ win. This youngster led the way in scoring for the black and white with the game-high 18 points, while adding 3 rebounds, 3 assists and a valuation of 22 to his stats! He is our man of the match.

Can't trick the stats: Partizan NIS have been shooting threes all game long 39% (9/23) and Crvena zvezda mts only 18% (5/28). That’s what turned the game into the black and white way!

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