Domestic leagues: Petrol Olimpija and Sixt Primorska for the trophy in Slovenia

Petrol Olimpija and Sixt Primorska will be facing in the games for the trophy in Slovenia, as they have edged out Helios Suns and Krka in the Semi-finals, respectively.

Marijan Cakarun, Jurica Golemac (Photo: Sixt Primorska/Jurij Kodrun)

Petrol Olimpija and Sixt Primorska will be facing in the games which will decide the domestic champions in Slovenia, as they have been the better ones in the clashes against Helios Suns and Six Primorska. Both teams have advanced to the Finals with the 2:0 score in the Semi-finals.

Petrol Olimpija have cracked the resistance of Helios Suns on the road in Domžale with an excellent second half performance after a tied 28:28 score at the big break. In the end, the squad, led by Jure Zdovc from the bench, celebrated a 68:49 win with Domen Lorbek leading the way in scoring with 17 points and Marvin Jones adding 15.

Sixt Primorska beat Krka on the road in Novo mesto convincingly, with the score of 88:76, after they were a better team all game long and have deservedly grabbed a 2:0 win in the series and a spot in the Finals. For the reigning ABA League 2 champions and new members of the ABA League, Marijan Čakarun was the top scorer with 17 points, while Žan Mark Šiško added 16. For Krka, Jure Balažić and Dalibor Đapa added 16 points apiece.

Slovenian National Championship Semi-finals, Round 2, Monday, 13.5.2019:

Helios Suns – PETROL OLIMPIJA 49:68 (14:11, 14:17, 9:16, 12:24) / * 0:2 in victories
Mahkovic 13, Bratec 9 | Lorbek 17, Jones 15.

Krka – SIXT PRIMORSKA 76:88 (19:23, 21:29, 17:21, 19:15) / * 0:2 in victories
Balažić and Đapa 16 | Čakarun 17, Šiško 16.