Teams are eager for the ABA League Super Cup to start

Tuesday, 19. September 2017 at 18:11

All 8 participants of the ABA League Super Cup have the same message in front of the tournament - We are ready!

(Photo: Mornar/Media Pro)

All 8 participants of the ABA League Super Cup have the same message in front of the tournament - We are ready!

Miroslav Nikolić, Partizan NIS head coach: "We have made a young team, with the average age of 22. It was my idea, because Partizan NIS must create players. It is something that defines this club. Anyway, we are looking forward to participate at the ABA League Super Cup. It is an outstanding idea, as it gives everyone a chance to compete among the top-class teams."

Igor Đaletić, Budućnost VOLI assistant coach: "Firstly, I would like to say that the ABA League Super Cup is an excellent idea. Budućnost VOLI have that obligation to go for a win in every game, therefore we are coming here to leave a good impression. We have some troubles, as Kyle Landry and Suad Šehović might miss the tournament due to knee injuries, but we still hope that they will be able to help us down on the court."

Slaven Rimac, Cedevita assistant coach: "Our ambitions are always the highest possible. Therefore, we have formed a team which, we hope, can win the ABA League & Croatian Championship and play a good role in the Eurocup. Also, we are very motivated in front of this competition and we want to see how good we are in comparison to the other teams."

Slobodan Subotić, Cibona head coach: "In the following season we will have a young team with two experienced players – Marin Rozić and Luka Žorić. Unfortunately, Žorić won’t be here with us, as he is struggling with injury. Generally, I am satisfied with the roster. We have started our preparations pretty early, so that we can get used to each other. This Super Cup will give us some important experience, as we will meet our direct rivals from the ABA League, and that may be quite important later during the season." 

Vladimir Jovanović, FMP head coach: "I fully support the idea of ABA League Super Cup and it is our great pleasure to be here among the best teams in the region. Our main goal here is to check our current form and to see what we need to improve until the start of the new ABA League season." 

Dragan Bajić, Igokea head coach: "ABA League Super Cup will definitely mean a lot to all the participants, as we will have 3 high-quality games to play here. I am satisfied with our team roster and I believe that we will fulfill our goals for the upcoming season."

Dejan Milojević, Mega Bemax head coach: "Like every summer, we have changed almost the entire team. There are 8 newcomers and most of them are very young and talented players, which I really enjoy working with. Our primary goal is to help those youngsters grow and develop and that next summer we have more players at the NBA Draft."

Mihailo Pavićević, Mornar head coach: "I am very satisfied with the fact that this year we formed a team already in August. Still, we will have some problems at the upcoming ABA League Super Cup, as both of our centers Radoje Vujošević and Uroš Luković are injured. But, there are no excuses. I think that we will be ready for the upcoming challenges."