Budućnost beat Mornar! Next stop – ABA Super Cup Finals!

Friday, 22. September 2017 at 21:01

Great night for Budućnost VOLI crew who defeated local rivals Mornar on the road and therefore advanced to the ABA Super Cup Finals!

Nikola Ivanovic (Photo: Mornar/Media Pro)

ABA League Super Cup, Semi-Finals, Friday, 22.9.2017:

BUDUĆNOST VOLI - Mornar 82:65 (27:10, 19:16, 17:21, 19:18)

Budućnost VOLI: Gibson 18, Ilić 12, Barović 12, Gordić 11, Z. Nikolić 8, Landry 8, Popović 7, Ivanović 4, Starovlah 2, Suad Šehović, Baćović, D. Nikolić.

Mornar: Vranješ 9, Bakić 8, Mugoša 8, Needham 7, Mijović 7, Pavić 6, Raley-Ross 6, Hadžibegović 5. Mićović 5, Shepherd 4, Ćalić, Luković.



Game recap: Budućnost VOLI have always had a difficult job when they were playing against Mornar on the road. However, this was definitely their night!

Not just that Budućnost VOLI scored a sweet win against their biggest rivals on the road, but they also advanced to the 2017 ABA Super Cup Finals.

On Saturday evening, Budućnost VOLI will play against Cedevita in the match which will determine who will become the first ever winner of the ABA Super Cup.

Key moments: Everything was over already after the 1st quarter. Budućnost VOLI made a flying start as they scored 27 points in the opening period. On the other side Mornar made only 10...

The away team have even increased their lead until the halftime – 46:26 and they had no problems staying in front in the rest of the match.