Who will get the 3rd win – Cibona or Mornar?

Saturday, 03. November 2018 at 12:48

The two sides approach this game in quite a different mood…

Cibona team (Photo: Cibona/Z. Baksaj, D. Vranar, G. Lausic)

ABA League Round 6, Sunday, 4.11.2018:


Where? Dražen Petrović Hall, Zagreb

When? 17:00

Story of the game: Sunday’s schedule brings us only 1 game this weekend, but that game should be very interesting. It’s Cibona vs. Mornar!

The two teams currently have the same score: 2 wins and 3 defeats, but they approach this match in quite a different mood. In Cibona’s locker room the atmosphere is certainly very positive after scoring two wins in a row in ABA League, while on the other side Mornar crew are certainly unheappy with their latest scores as they suffered 3 defeats in a row (1 in ABA League and 2 in EuroCup).

Still, that might mean nothing, because the games between these two teams are usually very thrilling. Especially the ones played in Zagreb. Two years ago Cibona triumphed by 91:89, while last season Mornar got the win – 82:79.

Who will prevail this time?

Match-up in focus: Marko Ljubičić was the hero of Cibona in the last two rounds, as he scored the game-winning shots in both games. But, this time Ljubičić will also need to be good defensively as he is about to face Antabia Waller, a fantastic scorer who is usually the 1st option in Mornar’s offensive plays. That should be a very interesting duel.

Head to head in regional league: In total 2:2; In Zagreb 1:1.