Koper Primorska – Split game will not take place, Koper disqualified

Thursday, 17. December 2020 at 10:29

The 11th round game of the ABA League between Koper Primorska and Split, that has been scheduled for 19 December 2020, will not take place, due to the decision of Koper Primorska to cancel the organization of the game for unjustified reasons.

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In accordance with the League Bylaws (Item 32.1) and due to unjustified non-appearance at the Round 11 game, Koper Primorska will automaticaly be defeated with the score 0:20 and will not be awarded a point for the defeat.

Considering the repeated case of the unjustified non-appearance at the game, in accordance with the League Bylaws (Item 32.2), Koper Primorska is automatically disqualified from the competition and all of its results (before and after the violations) will be registered with the scores of 20:0 for their opponents.

Further sanctions for Koper Primorska for unjustified non-appearance will be adopted in accordance with the ABA League Disciplinary Regulations.