The World of Stats: Rok Stipčević keeps moving up on the All-Time 3-Pointers Made list

Thursday, 25. November 2021 at 13:07

Are you interested in the AdmiralBet ABA League all-time records? Check out the following article and find out which major stats changes occurred during the last week. 

Suad Šehović (Budućnost VOLI) played one more game for the blue-and-whites and he has now tied with Boris Bakić on the 6th place of AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Games Played list as both players have made 279 appearances in the regional league.

Rok Stipčević (Krka) has continued moving up on the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time 3-Points Made list as he now holds the 9th place with a total number of 299 three-pointers. Stipčević surpassed Jakov Vladović (294).

Stipčević has also made progress on the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Assists Leaders list as he moved past Steven Marković (452) to take over the 18th place. Stipčević has so far made 454 assists in the regional league.

By scoring 4 free throws last weekend in the match against Krka, Sava Lešić (Borac) has moved up to the 17th place on the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Free Throws Made list. Lešić now has a total number of 464 free throws made and he surpassed Marko Tomas (463).

Sava Lešić has also tied with Ante Tomić at the 19th place of the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Defensive Rebounds list as both of them have so far made 552 defensive rebounds in the regional league.

But that is not all as Lešić has also tied with Ive Ivanov at the 11th place on the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Offensive Rebounds list. Eech of them currently have 294 offensive rebounds in their AdmiralBet ABA League career stats.

Jaka Blažić (Cedevita Olimpija) scored 26 points in the last-round match against Mega Mozzart and has therefore reached the Top 20 of the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time Top Scorers list. Blažić (1,969) suprassed Split star player Roko Leni Ukić (1,949).

Blažić has also become only the 12th player in league history to make 500+ free throws. He has so far made 502 free throws in the regional league.

The all-time leader in number of assists made in the regional league and the only player who made 1,000+ assists in our competition Nemanja Gordić (Mornar-Barsko zlato) has set a new personal record as he made 11 assists in the match against Split. Gordić has never before made 11 assists in a single match in AdmiralBet ABA League.

Branko Lazić and Nikola Ivanović (Crvena  zvezda mts) have both made progress on the AdmiralBet ABA League All-Time 3-Pointers Made list as they both surpassed Robert Troha (243). Lazić currently holds the 17th place with 245 three-pointers, while Ivanović is at the 18th place with a total number of 244 three-pointers. The next player in front of them is former Crvena zvezda mts point guard Filip Čović (246).

Special mention:

On November 19, 2005, Josip Sesar (Široki) made 10 three-pointers in the game vs. Union Olimpija which is still the all-time record for the most 3-pointers made in a single game by one player. Interesting enough, Teemu Rannikko was part of that game as he played for Union Olimpija, while just one month later, on December 18, 2005, Rannikko managed to tie Sesar’s record as he scored 10 three-pointers in the match against Zagreb.