NLB Wheel League: All set for Podgorica tournament

Friday, 04. March 2022 at 10:38

Everything is set in Podgorica for the start of the third tournament of the 14th season of the NLB Wheel League.

(Photo: NLB Wheel/Drago Perko/

The Round 3 of the 14th NLB Wheel season is ahead of us. The first two rounds took place in Belgrade and Zadar. After two rounds Parasport Slovenia are on top of the standings, with 4 wins after 4 games, but it will not take part in the Round 3 due to 5 teams participating. Besides Parasport Slovenia, KKI Zagreb still haven’t suffered a defeat this season.

The great cooperation between the ABA League j.t.d. and NLB Wheel League continues, as this time it will be SC Derby player Nikola Pavlićević, that will attend the tournament and open it with the first throw of the ball.

Between 1st and 2nd game of the tournament, a grand opening of the event is coming up. Vladan Nikolić of the host team KK OSI Paramont will greet the gathered competitors, as well as President of the Paralympic Committee of Montenegro Igor Tomić. The representatives of the competition sponsor NLB Group Martin Leberle, President of Board of NLB Bank Podgorica and Dražen Vujošević, a Board Member of the NLB Bank Podgorica, will also take part of the ceremony.

“NLB Wheel is looking forward to take place in Podgorica. We are happy to have a team from Montenegro on board for the first time. I would like to use this chance to thank KK OSI Paramont for great cooperation so far and we believe that this event would be a true sporting festival, both in the competitive way as in organizational way,” Gregor Gračner told before the tip-off.

In the remainder of the competition, two tournaments are coming up on 10 April in Zagreb and 14 May in Slovenia. The team that gathers the greatest number of points in the five tournaments will win the trophy.

Liga NLB Wheel Round 3, 5 March 2022.

KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda – KKI Zagreb (10.00)
KKI Zagreb – KKOI ZADAR (11.45)
KK OSI Paramont – KKOI ZADAR (13.30)
KK OSI Pararmont – Singidunum Crvena zvezda (15.15)

All games will be broadcast HERE.

Standings after Round 2:

1. ParaSport Slovenia (4-0) 8 točk
2. KKOI Zadar (1-3) 5
3. KKI Zagreb (2-0) 4
4. KK Osi Paramont (0-4) 4
5. KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda (1-1) 3

List of scorers after Round 2:

Danilo Kamenik (ParaSport Slovenia) 73
Haris Koduzović (ParaSport Slovenia) 69
Nermin Hujić (KK Osi Paramont) 60
Enis Musić (ParaSport Slovenia) 55
Željko Ćirković (KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda) 53
Nino Dizdarić (KK Osi Paramont) 51