NLB Wheel League: Paramont and Zagreb perfect in Podgorica

Sunday, 06. March 2022 at 11:44

The third tournament of the 14th NLB Wheel League season took place in Podgorica. The newcomers in the competition, KK OSI Paramont have been the hosts of the tournament and it did great job both on and off the court.

(Photo: Savo Prelevic)

In four games, there have been two wins. KKI Zagreb stays at the top of the standings, including two in Podgorica, beating Zadar and Singidunum Crvena zvezda. KK OSI Paramont have also celebrated two victories, beating Zadar and the Belgrade squad afterwards. Four of five participating teams for this season took part in this tournament, while Parasport Slovenija were free this round.

Two tournaments are coming up in the remainder of the season. On 10 April in Zagreb and on 14 May in Slovenia. The team that gathers the greatest amount of points in the five tournaments will become champions.

Ahead of the beginning of game 2, a grand opening took place in Podgorica. Vladan Nikolić greeted all the gathered participants in the name of the hosts – KK OSI Paramont. The President of Paralympic Committee of Montenegro Igor Tomić, NLB Bank Podgorica Board President Martin Leberle, Deputy Secretary for Culture and Sports in the Podgorica City Miloš Antić and the head of the competition Gregor Gračner addressed all.

The AdmiralBet ABA League and its clubs continue with their support for the competition and to honour that relationship, Nikola Pavlićević, SC Derby player, visited and symbolically opened the tournament.

Standings after Round 3:

KKI Zagreb and Parasport Slovenia 4:0, KK OSI Paramont 2:4, KKOI Zadar 1:5, KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda 1:3.

NLB Wheel League, Round 3, 5 March 2022:

KKK Singidunum Crvena Zvezda – KKI ZAGREB 28:74 (10:25, 4:21, 6:12, 8:16)
KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda: Stašić 4, Cvijanović 4, Veznar 2, Mitrović 2, Pajević 10, Živanović 2, Jovanović 4.
KKI Zagreb: Franjul 12, Demirović 16, Štimac 11, Maras 4, Pešić 11, Magdić 8, Andrić 12.

KKI ZAGREB – KKOI Zadar 62:43 (17:10, 21:11, 16:6, 8:16)
KKI Zagreb: Franjul 14, Demirović 31, Štimac 5, Pešić 4, Magdić 2, Andrić 6.
KKOI Zadar: Bračanov 6, Perinović 4, Jadrijev 2, Žagar 5, Rubeša 14, Tenšić 4, Bistrović 8.

KK OSI PARAMONT – KKOI Zadar 43:34 (8:13, 10:9, 13:8, 12:4)
KK OSI Pararmont: Baranin 4, Husović 8, Nokić 2, Mišurović 18, Pandžić 11.
KKOI Zadar: Bračanov 4, Hormin 2, Žagar 6, Rubeša 11, Tenšić 2, Bistrović 9.

KK OSI PARAMONT – Singidunum Crvena zvezda 40:33 (15:12, 12:4, 2:8, 11:9)
KK OSI Pararmont: Baranin 4, Pepić 2, Husović 2, Mišurović 15, Pandžić 16.
KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda: Cvijanović 13, Veznar 2, Pajević 16, Živanović 2.