NLB Wheel League: Final Tournament to take place in Stožice

Saturday, 20. May 2023 at 10:00

On Sunday, 21 May 2023, the Stožice Arena in Ljubljana will be hosting the Final of the 15th season of the NLB Wheel regional wheelchair basketball league. The competition begins at 11.00 and the entrance into the Stožice Arena will be free of charge. Ljubljana Municipality is co-financing the final tournament in Stožice and all games will be broadcast live at TV Arena Sport.

(Photo: NLB Wheel League)

The competition takes place for the 15th season and it is led by the Slovenian Paraplegic Association and is supported by the ABA League j.t.d. and its clubs. In the first part of the competition, there has been six teams – Parasport Slovenia, KKI Zagreb, KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda, KIK Zmaj Gradačac, KKI Vrbas and KK OSI Paramont Podgorica.

Four teas have qualified for the Semi-finals – KKI Vrbas, KIK Zmaj Gradačac, KK OSI Paramont Podgorica and Parasport Slovenia. KKI Vrbas and KIK Zmaj Gradačac have advanced to the Final, while Parasport Slovenia and KK OSI Paramont will battle for the bronze.

The tournament will be attended by several important guests, such as ABA League j.t.d. Director Dubravko Kmetović, to name just one.

Liga NLB Wheel, Final Tournament, Ljubljana, 21 May 2023:

5th place game:

KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda – KKI Zagreb (11.00)

3rd place game:

Parasport Slovenia – KK OSI Paramont (13.15)


KKI Vrbas – KIK Zmaj (15.30)

Former NLB Wheel League Champions:

2008/2009 – KIK Sana
2009/2010 – KIK Sana
2010/2011 – KIK Sana
2011/2012 – KIK Sana
2012/2013 – KKK K3 Sarajevo
2013/2014 – KKI Vrbas
2014/2015 – KKI Vrbas
2015/2016 – KKI Vrbas
2016/2017 – KKI Vrbas
2017/2018 – KKI Vrbas
2018/2019 – KKI Vrbas
2019/2020 – KIK Zmaj
2020/2021 – KKI Vrbas
2021/2022 – KIK Zagreb

2022/23 Season Top Scorers:

Ramo Rekanović (KIK Zmaj) 183 (30,5 per game)
Vlado Švraka (KKI Vrbas) 125 (25,0)
Vahid Omeradžić (KK OSI Paramont) 116 (19,3)
Ante Štimac (KKI Vrbas) 98 (19,6)
Georgi Ivanov (KK OSI Paramont) 96 (16,0)