NLB Wheel League: New season about to get underway

Friday, 03. November 2023 at 10:38

The autumn brings us the start of the 16th season of the NLB Wheel League, the regional wheelchair basketball league, in which the teams of BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia will be competing. KIK Zmaj Gradačac is the team that is defending the championship trophy, won last season. The first round is scheduled for Sunday, 5 November in Zagreb.

(Photo: NLB Wheel League)

Six teams from five countries

This season, KKI Zagreb (Croatia), KKK Singidunum Crvena zvezda (Serbia), KK OSI Paramont (Montenegro), Parasport Slovenia (Slovenia), KKI Vrbas (BiH) and Zmaj Gradačac (BiH), will compete in the competition. There are the best wheelchair players from former Yugoslavia competing in the league and this season, the competition will as well feature some high-qualify players from other countries.

Tournament system

The competition is organized in the tournament system. The tournaments will take place in Zagreb (5 November), Belgrade (10 Deember), Podgorica (10 February), Banja Luka (17 March), Gradačac (20 April) and the Final Tournament in Ljubljana on 18 May 2024.

Again, the competition enjoys support by the ABA League j.t.d. and its clubs, and the tournaments will be attended by the AdmiralBet ABA League and NLB ABA League 2 players as guests. This Sunday, the tournament will be attended by the players of Cibona and Cedevita Junior. In the new season, NLB d.d. remains gold sponsor of the competition.

Dates of the Tournaments:

5.11. Zagreb
10.12. Beograd
10.2. Podgorica
17.3. Banja Luka
20.4. Gradačac
18.5. Ljubljana

Round 1, Zagreb, 5 November 2023:

KKK Singidunum – KIK Zmaj (11.30) LIVE STREAM
KKI Zagreb – KKK Singidunum (13.15) LIVE STREAM
Parasport Slovenija – KIK Zmaj (15.00) LIVE STREAM
KKI Zagreb – Parasport Slovenia (16.45) LIVE STREAM

Former NLB Wheel League Champions:

2008/2009 – KIK Sana
2009/2010 – KIK Sana
2010/2011 – KIK Sana
2011/2012 – KIK Sana
2012/2013 – KKK K3 Sarajevo
2013/2014 – KKI Vrbas
2014/2015 – KKI Vrbas
2015/2016 – KKI Vrbas
2016/2017 – KKI Vrbas
2017/2018 – KKI Vrbas
2018/2019 – KKI Vrbas
2019/2020 – KIK Zmaj
2020/2021 – KKI Vrbas
2021/2022 – KKI Zagreb
2022/2023 – KIK Zmaj