KK Ilirija, Ljubljana

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:  In the years 1955 and 1956, a basketball section of the sporting society TVD Partizan of Zgornja Šiška in Ljubljana has been established, led by Franc Babnik, the President. The section has been functioning under the guidance of dr. Miran Rojina and the history of Basketball society Ilirija has begun. At that time, basketball used to be played in their home hall at Vodnikova street 155 in Šiška. After the reorganization of TVD Partizan in 1957, the basketball section has transformed itself into Basketball Club Ilirija. The first president was Vlado Senčar, who used to be a Director of the Konim company. Mitja Lavrič was the first head coach and in 1957 the club started competing in the competitions organized by Ljubljana Basketball Federation.

Glory Days

: Ilirija Basketball Club has had some notable seasons back in the former Yugoslavia, having won the Slovenian Basketball League in the years 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973 and the 1981/82 season. In 1976, the club has also taken the second place in the Second Division of the Yugoslav Federal League. Over the past few years, Ilirija has come back to the highest level of club basketball in domestic competitions, as in the 2019/20 season, it has won the Slovenian Second Basketball League and qualified for the First Division of Slovenian National Championship. In the 2023/24 season, the club takes part in the NLB ABA League 2 Qualifiers for the first time ever.  

Club Information

Celovška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana SHOW MAP


President:Marin Ribać
General Manager:Luka Vončina


Dvorana Tivoli
Celovška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana SHOW MAP

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Club Transfers

Players left Season 2023/24

Players arrived Season 2023/24

Team Roster

# Name Position Height Date of Birth Nationality
Adnan Arslanagić Guard 179 26.08.1997 BIH
Luka Barišić Power Forward 201 03.01.1998 HRV
Tadej Ferme Shooting Guard 187 17.10.1991 SVN
Alex Gustin Forward 204 06.10.2005 Slovensko
Erik Gustin Forward 203 06.10.2005 Slovensko
Luka Kureš Shooting Guard 190 28.09.1998 Slovensko
Sergej Macura Shooting Guard 204 10.04.2004 Slovensko
Matic Mikuš Power Forward 207 16.10.2003 SVN
Mirko Mulalić Shooting Guard 195 16.04.1988 SVN
Anej Orel Power Forward 203 23.07.2002 SVN
Mark Padjen Guard 196 25.01.2006 Slovensko
Nemanja Šćekić Center 204 01.12.2000 SVN
Lovro Strnad Shooting Guard 196 14.09.2007 Slovensko
Stipe Modrić Coach

Club Statistics

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Game Stats

overall FG2 FG3 FT Rebs Blck Foul
Pts % M A % M A % M A % D O T Ass St To Fv Ag Cm Rv Val

FG2, FG3 - Field Goals

M - Made

Ag - Against

Rebs - Rebounds

St - Steals

FT - Free Throws

A - Attempted

Foul - Foul

D - Defensive

To - Turnover

Min - Minutes

Blck - Blocks

Cm - Committed

O - Offensive

Val - Index Value

Pts - Points

Fv - in Favoure of

Rv - Received

Ass - Assists

W - Won, L - Lost