Borac win the local derby against Dynamic VIP PAY

Wednesday, 21. November 2018 at 17:30

Čačak squad is back in the Playoffs race!

Borac team (Photo: Borac/Dusko Radisic)

2018/19 ABA League 2 regular season, Round 9, Wednesday, 21.11.2018:

Dynamic VIP PAY - BORAC 89:98 (26:28, 17:30, 19:27, 27:13)




After having a tough start of the new season Borac have finally bounced back and scored two consecutive wins in the 2018/19 ABA 2 regular season. This last one, scored in the local derby against Dynamic VIP PAY, is especially important for the Čačak squad, as it shows that this team is indeed capable of achieving big things in this season.

After all, they scored 98 points on the away court, against a very good opponent. 

Borac now have the same overall score as Dynamic VIP PAY – 4 wins and 5 defeats, and they have returned to the Playoffs race!