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: Dubai Basketball is an ambitious sports project, that has dawned in 2024. It's vision is to be recognized as a leader in all aspects of the sport, aiming to regularly participate in the most prestigious club competitions in Europe and to make a significant impact on society. They aim to elevate the standards of sports organizations both in the region and across Europe, starting with the AdmiralBet ABA League and extending through the European competitions and beyond.

Glory Days

: Even though a newly founded project, Dubai Basketball can already be proud of the fact that they have participated in the AdmiralBet ABA League, the leading basketball club competition in the region and one of the leading ones in Europe, since the very beginning, from the 2024/25 season.  

Club Information

Al Shoala Building 129, 1000 Dubai, United Arab Emirates SHOW MAP


President:Abdulla Saeed Al Naboodah
General Manager:Dejan Kamenjašević


Coca-Cola Arena
City Walk, 1000 Dubai, United Arab Emirates SHOW MAP

Trophy Case

Club Transfers

Players left Season 2024/25

Players arrived Season 2024/25

Nate Mason (Yukatel Merkezefendi)
Nemanja Dangubić (Peristeri)
Ahmet Düverioğlu (Bordumspor)
Leon Radošević (Derthona Basket)
Awudu Abass (Virtus Segafredo Bologna)

Team Roster

# Name Position Height Date of Birth Nationality
Awudu Abass Forward 198 27.01.1993 ITA
Nemanja Dangubić Forward 204 13.04.1993 SRB
Ahmet Düverioğlu Center 213 04.03.1993
Nate Mason Guard 188 25.07.1995 USA
Leon Radošević Center 208 26.02.1990 HRV
Jurica Golemac Coach

Club Statistics

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Game Stats

FG2, FG3 - Field Goals

M - Made

Ag - Against

Rebs - Rebounds

St - Steals

FT - Free Throws

A - Attempted

Foul - Foul

D - Defensive

To - Turnover

Min - Minutes

Blck - Blocks

Cm - Committed

O - Offensive

Val - Index Value

Pts - Points

Fv - in Favoure of

Rv - Received

Ass - Assists

W - Won, L - Lost