Jock Landale wins the game for Partizan NIS

Saturday, 05. January 2019 at 18:58

Australian forward scored the game-winning 2-pointer at the buzzer! 

Alex Renfroe & Jock Landale (Photo: Partizan NIS)

ABA League Round 14, Saturday, 5.1.2019:

PARTIZAN NIS - Mornar 75:73 (18:14, 20:15, 17:24, 20:20)




Game recap: Well, that was just an unbelievable game with an unbelievable ending. Partizan NIS defeated Mornar, thanks to Jock Landale who scored the game winning 2-pointer at the buzzer! Australian forward made an offensive rebound and just tipped the ball after Alex Renfroe missed his 2nd free-throw. Take a look...

Key moments: It is just difficult to describe everything that has happened in the last couple of seconds of this game. But, let's start this story at the score of 72:71 for Partizan NIS, with 4 seconds remaining on the game clock. Mornar had the ball-possession and a throw-in just under Partizan NIS basket. Their head coach Mihailo Pavićević called for a time-out, prepared the play for the team's top scorer Antabia Waller and... Everything went according to the plan! Waller received the ball, pulled up for a long 2-pointer and made the shot - 73:72 for Mornar.

With just 1.9 seconds left on the clock, Partizan NIS head coach Andrea Trinchieri called for his last time-out. He set the play for Alex Renfroe, who did receive the ball and went for a dribbling... while then Mornar's player Đorđe Drenovac made a terrible mistake, аs he fouled Renfroe on 0.4 seconds before the end of the match! Partizan NIS therefore got the big chance to win this match, as Renfroe had 2 free-trows. He made the first free-throw and tied the score - 73:73, but he missed the second one! However, as we have already described, Jock Landale made the offensive rebound and scored the game-winner for Partizan NIS at the buzzer - 75:73.

Man of the match: Although Jock Landale made that key shot, the MVP of the match award went to the hands of his teammate Alex Renfroe. Experienced guard finished this match with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.

Can't trick the stats: When you have a game like this, it is really hard to point out anything from the stats. Still, it should be mentioned that Partizan NIS had 22 assists, while Mornar had just 13.