Category : Exciting

09.01.2016 22:46

Matic Rebec scores from 9 metres - 3 times in a single game!

Matic Rebec demonstrated his sharp-shooting skills in the game in Valjevo against Metalac Farmakom. Check it out.
30.12.2015 21:38

Exciting 2 minutes of the game in Stožice and victory of Cibona

Watch the exciting final two minutes of the game in Stožice, where Cibona managed to get away with a victory after the successful last second free throw by Filip Krušlin.
28.12.2015 22:26

Danilo Nikolić scores game-winning three-pointer in Skopje

Check out dramatic finish of the game between MZT Skopje Aerodrom and Mega Leks. Danilo Nikolić was the hero of the visiting side.
23.12.2015 19:56

Exciting & decisive final minute and a half in Skopje

Take a look at the decisive moments of the game in Jane Sandanski, Skopje, between MZT Skopje Aerodrom and Partizan NIS.
22.12.2015 23:47

Unbelievable! Mulalić forced a 2nd overtime with a 3-pointer from 8 metres!

Check out this fantastic three pointer by Mulalić, which forced the 2nd overtime in the game between Krka nad Tajfun in Novo mesto.
05.12.2015 21:38

Last minute thriller in Pionir - heroic points by Wilson, Zagorac missed for the wi

Relive the final minute thriller in Pionir Hall, where Jamar Wilson scored a heroic last shot that gave his team a victory, since Saša Zagorac failed to bring 2 points to Union Olimpija with a buzzer-beater.
20.11.2015 19:51

White men can jump! Vanja Marinković stops Tomaž Bolčina!

Vanja Marinković performed an amazing block in the game against Tajfun. Take a look!
20.11.2015 19:12

NBA-style assist by Domen Bratož!

Domen Bratož of Tajfun came up with a fantastic behind the back assist for Jacob Parker! Check it out!
15.11.2015 19:42

Radivojević with no mercy against his former club

The former captain of Crvena zvezda Telekom and now a player of Igokea Vuk Radiveojević scored an incredible three-pointer from way behind the line.
15.11.2015 19:40

SHOWTIME! Quincy Miller!

You simply need to see this! Quincy Miller made offensive rebound and then... Well take a look.
14.11.2015 20:35

OMG!!! What a dunk by Luwawu-Cabarrot!

You simply need to see this! Monster dunk by Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot at the game between Mega Leks and Cibona. And he got fouled in the process!
08.11.2015 21:19

Wow! A spin-behind the back assist by Jacob Pulle

Check out this magic by Jacob Pullen. He spinned around and dished out a behind the back assist for Miro Bilan!