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14.05.2021 12:56

Milojević: "We are in good form and we go there full of confidence"

Budućnost VOLI head coach Dejan Milojević and player Nikola Ivanović have spoken about the upcoming challenges of their squad ahead of the 2021 ABA League Finals. 
14.05.2021 11:00

Can Spars make a decisive step at home court?

The second chapter of the 2020/21 ABA League Qualifiers is ahead of us. Spars are set to host Split at home in Sarajevo! Can the hosts win the Game 2 as well and qualify for the 2021/22 ABA League, or will Split bounce back?
12.05.2021 18:30

Spars celebrated on the road in Split

Spars have made their first step towards securing their 2021/22 season ABA League spot, as they have beaten Split on the road in Gripe and took the 1:0 lead in the Qualifiers series.
11.05.2021 18:29

Zvezda beat Igokea in decisive Game 3 to advance to the Finals

Crvena zvezda mts have qualified for the 2021 ABA League Finals as they defeated Igokea in Belgrade in decisive Game 3 of this semi-final series.
11.05.2021 15:42

Four ABA League referees to officiate the games at the 2021 EuroLeague Final Tournament

ABA League referees Matej Boltauzer, Uroš Nikolić, Saša Pukl and Sreten Radović will be part of the 2021 EuroLeague Final Four in Cologne, Germany as they were assigned to officiate the games at this year’s EuroLeague final tournament.
11.05.2021 11:00

Battle for the ABA League – Split host Spars in Gripe

In the opening game of the 2021/22 ABA League Qualifiers, Split will be hosting Spars in their Split Sports Hall.
10.05.2021 09:48

Zvezda vs. Igokea… Who will advance to the Finals?

The decisive Game 3 of the semi-final series between Crvena zvezda mts and Igokea will be played on Tuesday evening in Belgrade. Whoever wins this match will advance to the 2021 ABA League Finals.
09.05.2021 16:14

Igokea extend contract with Jackie Carmichael

Although the 2021 ABA Playoffs is not over yet and Igokea are still fighting for the title, the club management has already started creating the team for the next season. And their first move was extending the contract with Jackie Carmichael!
09.05.2021 12:34

The 2021 ABA League Finals to start on Sunday, May 16

The 2021 ABA League Finals, which will be played in the best-of-5 format, will start on Sunday, May 16, 2021.
09.05.2021 11:00

Who are the top performers of Semi-finals round 2?

The second round of the semi-finals is behind us and let's take a look at which players marked the second round games of the 2020/21 season Playoffs.