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20.11.2021 20:59

Partizan NIS win the big battle vs. Budućnost VOLI

Partizan NIS have kept their perfect home-court score in the 2021/22 AdmiralBet ABA League regular season as they won the big battle vs. Budućnost VOLI in this week's match of the round. 
20.11.2021 18:59

Borac become the first team to beat Krka on the road in the ongoing season

Borac have prevailed over Krka in a thrilling game in Novo mesto.
20.11.2021 16:59

Nevels and Jones lead FMP Meridian toward big road win over Cibona

FMP Meridian have grabbed another win in the 2021/22 season as they defeated Cibona on the road in Round 9. 
20.11.2021 12:18

Mornar-Barsko zlato and Split battle to escape the bottom of the table

Mornar-Barsko zlato will host Split in Round 9 of the 2021/22 regular season and this match is quite important for both sides.
20.11.2021 11:59

Can Mega Mozzart end their 4-game losing streak in the clashes against Cedevita Olimpija?

Mega Mozzart have never defeated Cedevita Olimpija in AdmiralBet ABA League, but the Pink troops will get another chance to beat the Dragons this weekend in Round 9 of the 2021/22 regular season.
19.11.2021 10:36

MATCH OF THE ROUND: Partizan NIS vs. Budućnost VOLI - Can it be more exciting than the last year?

The last time these two teams faced each other in Belgrade, we watched one of the most epic game-endings in the history of AdmiralBet ABA League.
19.11.2021 09:43

Can Krka keep their perfect home-court score vs. Borac?

Krka have won all of their previous home-court games in the 2021/22 AdmiralBet ABA League regular season, while this Saturday evening they are about to host Borac.
19.11.2021 09:21

The Panthers are coming to the Wolves den

Cibona will host FMP Meridian in Round 9 of the 2021/22 AdmiralBet ABA League regular season.
18.11.2021 20:22

Igokea grab a valuable road win against Zadar in Round 9 opener

Igokea have scored their 5th win of the season as they defeated Zadar on the road in the opening game of Round 9.
18.11.2021 18:15

The World of Stats: Šehović brothers and Branko Lazić made progress on the All-Time Games Played list

Are you interested in the AdmiralBet ABA League all-time records? Check out the following article and find out which major stats changes occurred during the last week. 
17.11.2021 16:09

Check out AdmiralBet ABA Basketball Fantasy Dream Team for Round 8

Wonder who you should have selected to achieve the best possible score in the AdmiralBet ABA Basketball Fantasy Round 8? 
17.11.2021 08:31

Can Zadar end their 5-game losing streak in the games against Igokea?

Zadar will host Igokea on Thursday evening in Round 9 opener.