Category : Supercup

22.09.2017 21:01

Budućnost beat Mornar! Next stop – ABA Super Cup Finals!

Great night for Budućnost VOLI crew who defeated local rivals Mornar on the road and therefore advanced to the ABA Super Cup Finals!
22.09.2017 19:45

Cedevita advance to the ABA Super Cup Finals

We have the first finalist of 2017 ABA League Super Cup. The name is - Cedevita Zagreb!
21.09.2017 14:38

The boys have come home (VIDEO)

Nikola Ivanović and Danilo Nikolić made a fantastic performance in their first match since returning to Budućnost VOLI.
21.09.2017 10:19

Ennis the Menace (VIDEO)

Dylan Ennis had an amazing debut for Mega Bemax.
20.09.2017 21:19

Special night in Bar, Mornar advance to the next stage

Mornar defeated Partizan NIS in the quarter-finals of 2017 ABA Super Cup and advanced to the next stage of the competition. 
20.09.2017 19:12

Budućnost VOLI will play in the ABA Super Cup semi-finals

The 3rd club to participate in the ABA Super Cup semi-finals is Budućnost VOLI!
20.09.2017 16:42

Perfect start for Mega Bemax, they are going to the semis

Mega Bemax will be the one to face Cedevita in the ABA Super Cup Semi-Finals.
20.09.2017 16:24

Cedevita the first to reach ABA Super Cup Semi-finals

Cedevita are the first semi-finalists of the 2017 ABA Super Cup, as they have egded out FMP in the first game of the Quarter-finals. They will face the better of the Igokea – Mega Bemax clash in the semis.
19.09.2017 18:43

Novosel: “Excellent introduction into our new season”

Ahead of the inaugural ABA Super Cup, which will take place in Topolica Sports Hall in Bar, the ABA League Director Krešimir Novosel expressed his high expectations ahead of the Super Cup and the new season in general.
19.09.2017 18:11

Teams are eager for the ABA League Super Cup to start

All 8 participants of the ABA League Super Cup have the same message in front of the tournament - We are ready!
31.08.2017 12:22

Schedule for the ABA Super Cup is set

We are pleased to inform you that the dates and exact times of the ABA Super Cup are now set.
22.08.2017 18:47

The ABA League Second Division will start from the 2017/18 season

The ABA League Assembly, held on July 24, 2017 in Belgrade, has made a series of important decisions which will have strong impact on the development of basketball in our region.