Tag: Petrol Olimpija

17.03.2019 21:00

Krka beat Olimpija in final game and escaped the danger zone

In the last game of the regular season, the fans have witnessed a true thriller in Novo mesto in the big local derby of Krka and Petrol Olimpija and the hosts sure left the hall satisfied – as they have beaten their arch rivals and secured themselves the ABA League status for another season.
10.03.2019 17:00

Cedevita better than Olimpija in Tivoli

On the road in Tivoli Sports Hall, Cedevita have outgunned Petrol Olimpija thanks to amazing shooting performance.
04.03.2019 18:00

FMP better than Petrol Olimpija in Belgrade

FMP have got their revenge over Petrol Olimpija for their defeat in their first encounter this season in Ljubljana, by beating the Dragons at home in Belgrade.
11.02.2019 18:00

Valuable win for the Dragons over Igokea

Petrol Olimpija have beaten Igokea at home in the last game of the ABA League Round 19 and escaped the very bottom of the standings.
02.02.2019 19:00

Zvezda returned to the winning track

In the 18th round of the ABA League season, Crvena zvezda mts have beaten Petrol Olimpija at home in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall in Belgrade and have returned to the winning path following last round’s defeat against Cedevita.
01.02.2019 11:59

Can Zvezda immediately return to the winning track?

On Saturday evening, Crvena zvezda mts will be hosting Petrol Olimpija at home in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall in Belgrade. Can Zvezda get back on the winning track after their first defeat last round or can Petrol Olimpija arrange another upset?
28.01.2019 21:00

Road win for Budućnost VOLI in Tivoli

Budućnost VOLI have beaten Petrol Olimpija on the road in legendary Tivoli Sports Hall in Ljubljana in the 17th round of the ABA League season. This is their 12th win of the season, which puts them on second place, together with Cedevita, with 5 rounds remaining in the regular season.
20.01.2019 19:00

Cibona better than Petrol Olimpija in Zagreb

At home in Dražen Petrović Arena in Zagreb, Cibona have beaten Petrol Olimpija and returned to the upper half of the ABA League standings.
13.01.2019 17:00

Olimpija escape the bottom by beating Mega

In the first game of the ABA League’s Sunday schedule, Petrol Olimpija have beaten Mega Bemax at home in Stožice Arena. 
04.01.2019 20:00

Huge overtime win for Zadar over Petrol Olimpija at home in Višnjik

At home in Krešimir Ćosić Sports Hall, Zadar have beaten Petrol Olimpija and made a major step towards protecting their spot in the ABA League for the next season.
03.01.2019 13:00

Match of the round: Zadar host Petrol Olimpija

In the derby of the bottom of the standings, two regional powerhouses – Zadar and Petrol Olimpija – will meet in the hall named by a giant, who used to play for both teams at a certain period of time in his career.
29.12.2018 17:00

Partizan NIS celebrate in Ljubljana for 1st time since 2013

At the dawn of the new year, Partizan NIS will be a step closer to reaching their goal – qualifying for the ABA League Playoffs, after they have beaten Petrol Olimpija on the road in Ljubljana.