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04.01.2019 20:00

Huge overtime win for Zadar over Petrol Olimpija at home in Višnjik

At home in Krešimir Ćosić Sports Hall, Zadar have beaten Petrol Olimpija and made a major step towards protecting their spot in the ABA League for the next season.
03.01.2019 13:00

Match of the round: Zadar host Petrol Olimpija

In the derby of the bottom of the standings, two regional powerhouses – Zadar and Petrol Olimpija – will meet in the hall named by a giant, who used to play for both teams at a certain period of time in his career.
20.12.2018 11:00

Who will get their fifth win? Zadar or FMP?

In the opening game of the 12th round of the ABA League season, Zadar will be hosting FMP in Krešimir Ćosić Arena in Zadar.
13.12.2018 11:00

Zadar chasing Igokea in Višnjik

In the opening round of the 11th round of the ABA League season, Zadar will be hosting Igokea at home in Krešimir Ćosić arena in Višnjik with one thing on their minds – beat the rivals and tie themselves with them in the standings. Igokea have different plans, though.
26.11.2018 18:00

The champions rolled over Zadar in Višnjik

The reigning ABA League champions Budućnost VOLI have demonstrated their stength in the game on the road in Višnjik against Zadar. 
08.11.2018 11:00

Can Zadar extend their winning streak against wounded Mega?

Zadar have won two games on the road in a row and are currently red hot, when we talk about shape. Coach Ante Nazor is still undefeated. On the other side, Mega Bemax have lost their first game in six rounds last weekend. Which one will be the more successful side this time?
03.11.2018 19:00

Second road win in a row for Zadar

On the road in Novo mesto, in the sixth round of the ABA League season, Zadar have grabbed their second win in a row, second on the road and have tied themselves in the standings with Krka.
02.11.2018 11:59

Can Krka keep unbeaten record at home court?

On Saturday, Krka will be hosting Zadar in Leon Štukelj Hall, Novo mesto. Can they stay unbeaten at home court? Can Zadar continue the same way they played in Belgrade?
29.10.2018 09:00

Round 5 MVP: Luka Božić (Zadar)

We have the MVP of the 5th round of the season and it is Zadar swingman Luka Božić. Božić dominated the court in Štark Arena in the game of his team against Partizan NIS.
25.10.2018 15:59

ABA League classic in Belgrade Arena

On Friday night, it will be crazy in Belgrade, as Partizan NIS will be hosting Zadar in one of the ABA League classic encounters in – Belgrade Arena!
21.10.2018 17:00

Mornar grab second win of the season in Zadar

On the road in Zadar, Mornar have grabbed their second win of the season! Zadar remain winless after four rounds.
14.10.2018 21:00

Petrol Olimpija keep Stožice undefeated

In the last game of the ABA League Round 3, Petrol Olimpija have beaten Zadar at home in Ljubljana and keep their home Stožice Arena undefeated this season.